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Horizontal Standard End Suction Pump

Input Diameter: 50-200 mm

Outout Diameter: 32-150 mm

Water Flow Max: 400m3/h

Head Max: 150 m

Pump bearing: Standard 1.0 Mpa, selected 1.6 Mpa

Working Pressure: Standard 1.6 Mpa, selected 2.4 Mpa

Stainless Horizon Single Stage Pump

Flow: 12.5-160 m3/h

Head: max 33 m

Power: max 22 kw

Vertical Multistage Pump

Flow: 1-270 m3/h

Head: max 230 m

Power: max 110 kw

Working voltage: 16 bar & 25 bar

Rated voltage/ Frequency: 380V/50Hz

Moter Protection class: IP54/IP55

Fluid characteristic: Non- flammable and explosive media, free of solid particle or fibres

Fluid temperature:

-20  - 100 degree celsius (normal fluid)

-20 - 120 degree celsius


Sewage Pump



Flow: 0-180 m3/h

Head: max 40 m

Power: max 7.5 kw

Working voltage: 6 bar

Motor voltage/ Frequency: 380V/50HZ & 220V/60HZ

Motor protection class: IP68

Fluid temperature: Non- high strength corrosive liquid

Fluid temperature: 15 - 40 degree celsius

Ambient temperature: max 40 degree celsius

Constant Pressure Variable Frequency Pump




a.water pressure adjustment

b.automatically working control for no water/ normal water/ normal water under situation

c.automatically self protective 

d.LED display

e.residual water supply/ pipe water boosting/ food proceeding water supply/ bathroom water supply/ villa water supply/ public water supply